This Organization shall be known as the National Gloster Club. It shall also be knows in a more casual manner as the “NGC”.



The National Gloster Club is a non-profit educational and social organization.



The principle office of this organization shall be in the state of Massachusetts or in another State as the Executive Board may from time to time select.



SECTION 1. This club is organized for the purpose of the care, handling, maintenance, advancement and breeding of the Gloster canary and the dissemination of any and all useful and helpful information thereto.

SECTION 2. The purpose of the club shall be: To promote the best interest of the Gloster canary. To encourage the members to breed and exhibit birds as near as possible to the Gloster standard. To standardize show cages and perches. To provide patronage to clubs. To mediate, if requested, any dispute which may arise between members, clubs and judges. To establish a better understanding among Glsoter breeders, by lectures, debates, the publication of related articles and the general discussion of topics related to aviculture.



The calendar year shall be January 1st, through December 31st.



SECTION 1. Any person applying for membership to the NGC, shall be given every consideration irrespective of race, color, creed, national origin or sex. This applicant may become a member provided that such person has reached the age of 16 years.

SECTION 2. Friends of the club, interested in the welfare of the club, may become honorary members by donating to the support of the club in some manner; however, such honorary members shall have no vote at its meetings.

SECTION 3. Junior members are those members over 7 year but under 16 years of age. Junior members shall pay one dollar for dues. Junior members have no vote.

SECTION 4. Upon payment of the one dollar dues, the spouse of a member will be considered a member, and will enjoy the privileges of membership.

SECTION 5. “One dollar” members will not be considered for patronage.

SECTION 6. The membership dues shall be determined at the major annual meeting of the executive board. Any member, who did not pay his/her dues by the end of February, will be considered as “non-renewing” and will automatically loose his/her membership.

SECTION 7. RESIGNATIONS – shall be made in writing and presented to the Executive Board through the Secretary; however, no resignations shall cancel the dues of a member for that part of the fiscal year during which he/she had the privileges of membership.



SECTION 1. ANNUAL MEETINGS – The National Gloster Club shall have a minimum of two major meetings annually. One is to be held in conjunction with the NGC Show. The location and time of other meeting(s) may be established by the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. REGIONAL MEETINGS – May be held as frequently as the membership desires, upon written petition to the Executive Board.

A. The purpose of such Regional Meetings is mainly educational.

B. The results of any Regional meeting shall be reported to the NGC Executive Board and, when necessary, made available to the general membership.



SECTION 1. The Officers of the Club consist of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer. The above Officers and Three Trustees will constitute the Executive Board.

SECITON 2. All officers shall be elected on a annual basis or as may be occasioned by the death or removal of an officer. A ballot, either separate or included in the official bulletin of the club, shall be given or sent to every eligible member at least 30 days prior to the election. A majority of the ballots counted shall determine the outcome of the vote.

SECTION 3. The Executive Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee, consisting of at least three members, who must produce a slate of officers for the election. The Committee shall produce at least one name, and not more than three names for each office. A write-in space must be allowed for each office on the ballot.

SECTION 4. Ballots will be mailed to the NGC and kept in their original sealed envelops. Any ballot received after the mail in period will be invalid. Ballots will be counted by three club members (not living in the same household) present at a general meeting in the presence of at least three board members (not living in the same household). The designated club members cannot be an elected Officer nor a candidate for office of this club. The process of counting the ballots shall be as follows: one club member opens the envelops and stacks the ballots (face down), the second member totals the votes and hands over the ballots to the third member to confirm the vote count. Ballots and envelops will be saved for a minimum period of two years.


The President of this organization shall preside over all Board of Directors meetings. The president shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal of the Club. The President shall have the casting vote in case of a tie. The President shall appoint all Committees or such other Officers as may be necessary unless otherwise ordered. The President shall abide by the by-laws of this Organization, coordinate and delegate the activities of other Officers of this Organization.


The First Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her official duties, fill the President’s place in case of absence, death, removal, or resignation until such time as a President may be elected. The First Vice President shall coordinate the activities of the Regional Representatives.


The Second Vice-President shall be the second in line to the Presidency and first in line to succeed the First Vice-President. The Second Vice-President shall coordinate the Public Relations (Publicity) of this Organization.


The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings of this Organization.

The Secretary shall take care of all correspondence, issue notice for any Executive Board meeting or special meetings, notify candidates for membership of the status of their application, and keep records of all documents of the Club.

Bulletin or Newsletter is the responsibility of the secretary or bulletin editor.

The Secretary may receive money paid into the club; register the entry of funds and turn them over to the treasurer as soon as possible to be deposited in the bank.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of all Organization funds and assessments; shall maintain a bank account, deposit funds in the account under the name of the National Gloster Club.

Funds for this Organization shall be used for the Club’s business only.

The Treasurer shall make no disbursements without the approval of at least two members of the Club’s Executive Board.

The treasurer shall submit a financial report at each general meeting and balance sheet at the major annual meeting for publication in the NGC Bulletin.


The trustees shall have full responsibility of any and all duties designated by the Executive Board of the Club.

The trustees shall have the responsibility to make sure that the By-laws and Constitution are upheld by all officers.


SECTION 1. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD The Executive Board of the National Gloster Club shall have and exercise full control and active management of the affairs of the club.

SECTION 2. The Executive Board shall consist of eight members, the President, the First Vice-President, The Second-Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, plus the three Trustees.

SECTION 3. Matter shall be decided by a simple majority of the Executive Board. A Board member’s vote received by mail shall be considered as if the Board member were present.

SECTION 4. Complete reports of all actions, decisions, and recommendations shall be submitted by the Secretary to members assembled to be voted on at the Major Annual Meeting and published in the NGC Bulletin.

SECTION 5. General membership must vote on matters of the Organization concerning the election of Officers and the amendment of by-laws.

SECTION 6. All Officers shall be elected on an annual basis by the members. Any member nominated for office must be in good standing.

A nominee must be willing to serve a term of one year or until a successor is elected, with the exception of the Trustees who shall be elected by the assembled members by ballot in such manner that the term of one Trustee shall expire annually. The Trustees’ election is staggered. Neither the President, the Secretary or the Treasurer can hold the position of Trustee.



Committees shall be appointed by the President, Acting President or the Executive Board for the purpose of carrying out the goals and administration of this Organization.

SECTION 1. JUDGES’ PANEL – Shall consist of all approved judges in accordance with standards set forth by the - “REGULATIONS FOR PRESENT AND FUTURE JUDGES” (available upon request). The procedure for nominating a judge for the Judge’s Panel shall consist of a written request by the potential judge to the Chairperson of the Judges’ Panel.

SECTION 2. Approval of the new judge will not take place until all the requirements for one to become a sanctioned judge are fulfilled in accordance with the “REGULATIONS FOR ONE TO BECOME A NGC SANCIONED JUDGE” (available upon request).

SECTION 3. Final approval of the new judge shall be voted by the members of the Judges’ Panel present at a major meeting of NGC or through correspondence.

SECTION 4. The Show Committee shall be formed of volunteer members or may be appointed by the Executive Board.

The Show Committee may or may not select a show manager. The Committee will be responsible for the progress, the success or failure of the Show.

The Show Committee shall spend only funds allocated by the club; however, in the instance that additional funds are needed for the show the Committee will contact the Executive Board for additional funds.

SECTION 5. AUDIT An Auditing Committee, none of whom shall be members of the Executive Board, shall be appointed by the President. All the accounts shall be audited by this committee and a report made to the President and, then to the membership at the annual meeting.



SECTION 1. Any amendment to this constitution and by-laws must be proposed by at least ten members of the Organization and receive by the Secretary.

SECTION 2. Members shall be notified of such amendment(s) by three publications.

SECTION 3. Any amendment to the by-laws of this Club must be approved by two thirds of those responding to the ballot.



SECTION 1. The Executive Board’s quorum is the majority vote of the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. A general membership meeting requires the presence of ten members to constitute a quorum.