Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions which have come to the attention of the Directors of the National Gloster Club.

Q: Does an exhibitor have to be a member of the NGC in order to enter birds and win awards at the NGC annual show?

A: No, the NGC is an open show and does not require that an exhibitor be a member of the NGC or of any other club. The NGC is a Gloster specialty show and only Gloster canaries may be exhibited.

To be entered in an unflighted class a bird must be banded with a current year closed, traceable band. An unbanded bird or a bird with a split band must be entered as an old or flighted bird.

A bird does not have to be banded with an NGC band to be eligible to win any award at the NGC show.

Q: What are the Guidelines for Exhibiting Glosters?

A: Representatives of the three Gloster Specialty Clubs in the USA, the IGBA, the UGB, and the NGC have agreed upon guidelines for exhibiting Glosters at the National Cage Bird Show. The guidelines are intended to asist in creating a uniform judging environment and provide information for new exhibitors.

The guidelines are similar to the current rules in effect at the NGC show. The Specialty Clubs encourage local clubs to adopt the guidelines to create a uniformity in the showing of Glosters across the country.