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Panel Judges

Panel Judges

The NGC Panel of Judges members are long time Gloster Fanciers who have successfully bred and exhibited Gloster Canaries and have proven themselves knowledgeable in the selection of winning Glosters in accordance with the Gloster Standard of Excellence. The Club has guidelines for one to become a Panel Judge. Anyone interested in joining the panel should fill out this form to start the process and speak to one of the NGC Panel judges at any show.

The NGC Panel Judges

Winfield Checkley - Maryland

Alan Dean - California

Gabriel Estrela - Massachusetts

Daniel Maldonado - Connecticut

Joseph Marino - Massachusetts

Regina McCarthy - Massachusetts


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  1. Candidates for NGC Sanctioned Judge are to be approved as individuals and not as a team.

  2. Must be a Gloster breeder and a member of NGC for a minimum of 3 years.

  3. Must be current breeder and exhibitor of Glosters.

  4. Candidate must be knowledgeable regarding the Gloster Standard, the National Gloster Club, Classifications etc. and be able to answer questions regarding same.

  5. Candidate must have won three times in a major shows (more than 100 Glosters and over 10 exhibitors), with three different birds bred and banded by exhibitor under three different NGC Sanctioned Judges or a recognized Gloster judge.

  6. To win means to be able to attain any of the top awards offered at any major show; that is at the NGC show the top 14 awards, at the NBS the top 8 awards.

  7. A candidate for a Sanctioned Judge must complete and apprenticeship of 2 years and a minimum of 4 shows under NGC Sanctioned Judges. On these occasions the apprentice must not show Glosters.

    Apprenticeship may be waived at the discretion of the Judge's Committee in lieu of previous judging experience.

  8. Detail resume outlining ones qualifications must be submitted by the candidate to the Club's Secretary.

  9. The approval of a new Sanctioned Judge will be the majority of votes of the Committee of judges appointed by the President.

  10. Any Sanctioned Judge can offer his/her observations in the event that he/she has observed the candidate serving as a judge or as an apprentice.

  11. A report from the Committee of Judges regarding the approval of denial of candidate for Sanctioned Judge will be sent to the President, writing or may appoint someone to do so.

  12. A rejected candidate can submit a written rebuttal to the reasons for rejection and can request reconsideration. The President, at his discretion, will reconvene the same committee of judges to reconsider the candidate in light of the new information.

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