Application For NGC Membership

Click Here for an NGC Application Form.

When filling out the form, please indicate whether you would like to receive news or newsletters by way of an email attachment.

Sign the release form if you wish to allow the Club to give out your contact information. We do receive request for information, for example, from a person looking for someone from whom they could purchase a Gloster please fill out an Information release form.

The NGC has a policy of not releasing information unless the member has submitted a form allowing the club to do so.

On the form you may indicate what information is to be released - address, telephone number, email, website, etc.

Return the Membership Application and/or the Information Release Form to the NGC Secretary.

As A Member Receive a quarterly NGC Newsletter

Receive a copy of the NGC Show Catalog which contains useful information about Glosters and contact information for many members and vendors.

Be able to purchase NGC Gloster legbands.

Be able to purchase a place on the NGC Breeder’s List.

Be able to place a link to your email or website on the National Gloster Club site.

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