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2021 Show Results
(51th) National Gloster Club Show

Judged by: Charles Long

Champion:  Eli & Cheryl Cardona

Opp Head to Champion:  Eli & Cheryl Cardona


The links and photos are being provided as a convenience and for informational and educational purposes only;  links and or photos will be provided as we get them.  Please understand that not all birds are photographed at the show and sometimes we miss birds because of circumstances beyond our control.  We encourage you to submit photos of your birds to help us build the website and a gallery of winners.  We also need photos to build our educational library.   Every photo counts. 

If you have any photos of your birds and would like to submit the photos to the NGC website please do so by contacting the NGC via our contact form or on our Facebook page.

Position Exhibitor Photo (If available!)
1 Eli & Cheryl Cardona 1st Place Corona    
2 Armando Torres 2nd Place Corona 2nd Place Corona  
3 Armando Rizo & Aracelis Gonzalez 3rd Place Corona 3rd Place Corona 3rd Place Corona
4 Israel Melcon 4th Place Corona 4th Place Corona  
5 Eli & Cheryl Cardona 5th Place Corona 5th Place Corona  
6 Israel Melcon 6th Place Corona 6th Place Corona 6th Place Corona
7 Eli & Cheryl Cardona 7th Place Corona 7th Place Corona 7th Place Corona
8 Sam Arstan 8th Place Corona 8th Place Corona 8th Place Corona
9 Gabe Estrella
9th Place Corona
9th Place Corona
10 Carmen Gonzalez 10th Place Corona 10th Place Corona  


Thank you.

Founded in 1968, the NGC is a specialty club which encourages and supports the breeding and exhibition of the Gloster Canary. The first NGC show was held in the Boston, Massachusetts area in the Fall of 1969.


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